Inauguration of Truth & Consequences

This marks the inauguration of the first issue of Truth & Consequences. It is only fitting after the first Democratic and Republican Caucus of the 2016 Presidential Campaign that we begin our journey to help the public better understand the importance of politics. Fresh after the Iowa Caucus has concluded, the attention of the nation turns to New Hampshire.


Inside the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison (Feb 22, 2011)

As we follow national politics, Truth & Consequences will also be following the political environment in Wisconsin. It is only fitting we highlight this state because it represents politics in the middle of the country,  but it also has been “ground zero” for political activism beginning in 2011 when mass protests occurred at the state capitol. It is no wonder the header image of this web blog features this historical event.

We encourage you to read, reflect, interact, and share the posts from this site. It is only if the public is truly informed that we can find the truth, and to understand the political consequences if we do not ask the right question and act upon knowing the answer.

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